Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ryedale Art Fest

The first time I have submitted work for exhibition since moving up to North Yorkshire five years ago.  To be accepted is a big thing for me!

This work addressed duality, the paintings consist of layers as does the landscape, as do our personalities.  The work deals with shifts in painting language, hinting at the descriptive through indications like colour, marks and edges.  Tension between the physicality of the paint surface and the descriptive element is what drives the work.

A Sharp Intake of Breath
Acrylic on Arche Paper
855 x 1056mm framed

Gesso, Acrylic on board
570 x 770mm

 Frost Field
Gouache, Watercolour, wax resist on Arche paper
375 x 185mm unframed

Laminar Flow (You don't know me)
Acrylic on canvas
1770 x 262mm

Gouache on Arche paper
375 x 190mm

Acrylic on Arche paper
1373 x 816mm framed

795 x 820mm
Acrylic on Arche paper

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