Friday, 8 February 2013

Hot Chocolate and a History Painting

After Andrew Dalton visited my studio last Wednesday to see how the work for the show is progressing, I decided it is time to try and finish the big canvas.  The rest of the work is going fine so it will be great to get this one resolved.

First things first: it was freezing today so hot chocolate was in order; I felt a bit guilty because I'd promised Andy one but forgot the milk on Wednesday, hah hah!  

The colour of the big tally marks was the first thing I needed to change.  I glazed them with some warm red and a cooler pink/red in places.  I then added some lines of tally marks in a violet/grey to bring some continuity across the surface.  This improved the bottom edge, which although had some interesting "ghosts" of tally marks, the washes were so thin it was not resolved.  It is now much improved.  I brought the warm glaze into the problem area above the biggest tally mark and the last thing I did was bring some of this colour into the far right section for balance.

I'm still not sure if the painting is finished; I'll have to look and think about it for another few weeks.  

I have hit on the title though:  "History Painting".  There are so many different, obliterated layers in the painting and the theme of the show fits.  

For more photos of this painting, with detail shots, visit my facebook page:

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