Sunday, 23 March 2014

Final leg of Sketch 2013 tour

I am pleased that my book is now in Plymouth on the final leg of the Sketch 2013 tour:

To see a gallery of 10 photos of the current venue click on the link below and scroll down to the second article:

I am only sorry that I will not be able to check it out in person; this part of the tour is an interesting one because the venue has just started a new course of drawing and printmaking and they have newly opened studios.  I love a good nose round art colleges!

A mail  notification came through about this today, and I was thrilled to see that my fellow artist, Sally Taylor, who is in the studio above mine out at Stonegrave, has her book featured at the top and it looks great, as you can see for yourselves below:

'SKETCH' tours to Plymouth - Opens 26 March
Sara Lee Artist's Talk & Demonstration  - Thursday 3 April  6.30
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Touring to Plymouth College Of Art

26 March to 10 April
Thursday 3 April 6.30 - 7.45pm

Private View Wed 25th 5.30 - 7pm

More about SKETCH

Friday, 21 March 2014

Back home: final w0budong pics

This week has flown by; I arrived back from Manchester on Monday and have been busy with various appointments and more workmen in the house.

w0budong came down last Sunday.  It was a brilliant experience;  I so enjoyed meeting and talking to the other artists about our work, being artists, artists' spaces, studying and more.  The exhibition looked very good:

Jayne's performance:

The space looked great; quite industrial it is an empty retail unit. the marks on ceiling, walls and floor added to the whole experience, reflecting the quality of the work installed in there.

Above, below: Clare Smith

Julie Brixey-Williams

Clare Smith

 Table containing drawings, artists' books and cards

 Jayne's drawings based on the gestural action of making a letter "a"

Clare Smith

 Left to right: Catherine Wynne-Paton, Sue Gough, Julie Brixey Williams, Jayne Lloyd (curator) and Clare Smith

Piccadilly Place, Manchester

Thursday, 13 March 2014

w0budong: Installation Complete and Jayne's Performance

A few visitors yesterday.  Jayne completed her piece with the performance early in the afternoon, so the exhibition is ready for expected visitors to tonight's PV.  If anyone is in the Piccadilly area, Manchester do please pay us a visit - 3 Piccadilly Place.  All are welcome!


Catherine Wynne-Paton:

Sue Gough: albums of work and work in progress can also be seen on my facebook page:

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Artists' Book Fair at Tetley, Leeds

My stash of purchases

In the run up to w0budong, I gave myself the afternoon off last Saturday to visit the Artists' Book Fair at the newly opened Tetley building in Leeds.

I am so glad I did; it was fabulous!  Lots of stalls, containing a vast array of different approaches to the artists' book all manned by friendly, informed artists and in some cases, their help mates. It was very busy and I was shuffling round at one point because of the throng.  I bought four pieces, one of them is a gift for someone else but the three I now proudly own are wonderful pieces to add to my tiny collection.

 Even Heather's business card was beautiful.

Given my current interest in textual work and Chinese calligraphy as well as found marks on surfaces that seem to express meaning, (all relating to the exhibition w0budong, that we finished installing in Manchester today); I had to buy this beautiful little book by Heather Chou. It is made from paper containing Chinese calligraphy which is then laser cut and hand stitched. This one is the Chinese character for Spring; beautiful!

I did not have time to look properly at the accompanying exhibitions and I forgot to purchase the catalogue but I came away feeling quite elated after conversing with artists and visitors alike. There was a really friendly, positive buzz about the place.

Stef Mitchell had a lovely stand there, and she has managed to get me a catalogue, for which I am really grateful.  

As I write this, I am in Salford staying with my daughter so do not have to hand the names of the makers of the other books I purchased.  I'll add more photos and details of the other books when I get back to North Yorkshire.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


I am gearing up for w0budong.  My trusty friend, curator and printmaker Andrew Dalton has kindly offered to drive the van, I was lucky enough to receive expenses that cover almost all of the costs so I can afford to pay him to do it!

Here is the flyer, with information about opening times and events:

This time next week I will be on my way to Manchester in a van containing:

  • my large painting 
  • some drawings
  • a trestle table 
  • two chairs 
  • Four breeze blocks, painted white for said painting to stand on
  • a step ladder
  • a folding table for drinks with tablecloth
  • an extension cable 
  • plus my suitcase. 
As you do!

I am really looking forward to meeting the other artists and seeing all the work together along with Jayne's performance piece.