Thursday, 12 July 2012

Brisk Business and Lots of Lovely Visitors to the Ryedale Open

The Ryedale Open is nearly over for another year.  It closes at 4pm this Saturday.  It has been a really interesting week for me, chatting to all the other stewards and getting to know more of the artists in the area. 

Sales have been brisk and visitor numbers last Saturday were over 200 with at least 130 for each of the other days of the week so far.  Comments from visitors have been really positive, full of praise for the high standard of the exhibits and the way they have been displayed. 

I only hope that, with the current economic situation, Ryedale District Council see fit to continue their funding for this important community event.  Anyone may enter for a very small fee, including children, which is unusual for an art exhibition.  Many people have approached me this week asking how to exhibit next year and are excited when they realise that there is no strict criteria other than that they should live or work in Ryedale.  It is community relations at its best as far as I am concerned.  Many thanks (again!) to Yvette Turnbull, Creative Economies Officer at Ryedale District Council, and her amazing team of helpers from Ryedale House for enabling this to happen.

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