Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Life, as we all know it!

I discover fab colour combinations even when doing the chores!

Since the end of the Ryedale Open and Deer Shed Festival and all the work that it involved, I have spent the last week in the studio ignoring all the domestic issues that needed attending to.  However there's a limit to how long I can ignore the increasing grime and piles of stuff that need to be sorted out at home after the rain got in due to building work and all the chaos it caused.

So this week so far I have:

Tackled the laundry pile, noticing nice colour combinations of garment against garment.
Cleared out the remaining things from the studio at home; they are now in my car waiting to be driven over to Stonegrave.
Boxed up all the bedding that was stored in the now damp cupboards.
Paid builders invoices.
Begun to box up contents of several rooms in the house ready for the continuation of building work.
Re-made appointment for blood tests after the nurse at my surgery cocked the last ones up.
Watched the Olympics.
Eaten bread butter and jam - what am I thinking?  I have only just got back into my thinner jeans!
Cleaned bathrooms.

I need to get out to the studio, I need to go and see some art exhibitions. . . . . .Planning to visit Carrie next week in Manchester to see some.

Looking out of the window is sometimes inspirational and cheers me up when I am bored with domestic bliss!


  1. Ah, you'll be back in there soon. Sometimes its good to step away and when you come back you things with different eyes.

    the flame trees of Great Barugh!

  2. obviously I meant 'see' things...

  3. You are right. As for flame trees: I have quite a few of those shots, it never ceases to fascinate me, the light!