Thursday, 27 September 2012



Small works shall issue forth from my studio in the next few weeks.  No time for any grand gestures at the moment.  The stillness required for the creation of small pieces engenders peace and fulfillment.

I have a collection of things related to the building work at home that will eventually become part of some work:

A mummified mouse
Newspapers from the year 1975
Mesh scraps left over from the rendering
Old Victorian nails
Tiny scraps of wallpaper from the 60's


watch this space. . .

Saturday, 22 September 2012

A Lovely Day in Staithes

We spent a lovely, sunny day in Staithes today, for the Festival of Arts and Heritage, exploring lots of different art in 45 pop up galleries in local cottages and public spaces.  The town was very busy, lots of happy, excited people packing into the cottages to look at the work and I am sure, like me, glad to be able to take a peek at the interiors of some of the beautiful cottages!

One of our favourites is photographer Ian Burdall, whose work is very interesting.  I bought some cards from him.  Then we found a printmaker called Cath Brooke, based in Leeds who had a lovely etching, the result of a collaboration with 2 other people based on a roller coaster ride, which as I was so taken with it, and we live just up the hill from Flamingo Land, and it was very cheap, I had to buy!  I also purchased a mono print by Stef Mitchel, one of her field edge series, gutsy yet fragile at the same time.  These will look great on our walls when the house finally gets finished.

Other favourites, from whom we purchased cards or had lovely conversations with:
Bridget Wilkinson, Joanne Wishart, Helen Bowes, Richard Snowden and jeweller Flick.

It was a refreshing respite from the stress of our refurbishment project; if feels like we have been on holiday, so well worth taking a break from the muck and dust at home.

I think this is a brilliant enterprise, everyone we talked to was very enthusiastic and I hope it continues from this inaugural year.  Well done to everyone involved!


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sue Is Bang In Her Top Form!

I found this when stripping out the old flooring in our sitting room.  All the newspapers were underneath carpet, underlay and hardboard, revealing, as I had hoped some beautiful original floor boards.  It made me laugh!

I am not sure that I am "in my top form", I am desperate to get back out to my studio, but I have posted up a recap of some of my work this year and leave you to make up your own minds. . .













For those of you interested, there are lots more images in my photo albums posted on my facebook page:

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Fantastic Print Show at Duckett and Jeffreys

Attended the PV of Duckett and Jeffreys latest exhibition, Print 2, tonight.

Such a good show!  A wonderful variety of prints, showcasing many different types of and approaches to, printmaking.  Stef Mitchell, who owns and runs the gallery with husband Ian, has curated this show with real skill and discernment; the selection of work on show is stunning.

I urge anyone interested in printmaking and especially all artists who live within travelling distance of Malton, North Yorkshire, to make the effort to see this.!/pages/Duckett-and-Jeffreys-Gallery/121895387847701!/SueGoughArtist?bookmark_t=page

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Opening of Great North and the Day After

A fairly good turn out for the Private View, I managed to find Jill Campbell, one of the other artists, who follows my blog and we had a chat.  Her work is lovely; small and lyrical, landscape based, with a strong sense of colour and pattern.  I wish her well for her final year at Sunderland.

Jenny Agutter gave a lovely welcome speech, she is a trustee of the charity for Cystic Fibrosis, which, along with Ripon Cathedral was the main beneficiary of funds raised.

Next day we went back with the kids, who all came up to support me, much appreciated!

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