Friday, 21 December 2012

Disappointment, and it's Christmas!

So, although I have had no notification from ACE, I have learned from Yvette, our Creative Economies Officer at Ryedale District Council, that my application for a Grants for the Arts has not been successful.  Yesterday, I was extremely upset; part of it due to the utter exhaustion of trying to sort the house out post-builders, in time for Christmas, but the rest just deep disappointment.

However, I will continue to make my work, have my solo show in April, (without, sadly, an accompanying catalogue) and carry on with my plans for next year but on a non existant budget!  I am beginning to bounce back, as Stef Mitchell said: it's the work that's important. 

So, watch this space, and my facebook page for more info and pics about my work and its development.

Happy Christmas to everyone who is interested enough to follow this blog.  I promise to provide great stuff in the coming weeks!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


It is still freezing!  I've cleared a corner of the kitchen to make some small studies today because the builders are still creating lots of dust, so no cooking for Christmas and although there is nowhere in the house at the moment with enough space to set up my trestle table I figure I could make use of my kitchen work table, which is an industrial stainless steel one, so I can spill stuff on it and not do any damage!

Meanwhile, on this unique date, I am taking photographs and uploading them onto my facebook page throughout the day:

Monday, 3 December 2012

On Being Positive and Keeping Interested

I am mindful of the need to sort out my lack of new images at the moment - be patient, I am going to sort it out! 

Today, I slithered in my car, down the farm track to the studio to collect some brushes, drawing media and drawings in progress.  I am going to work in the warm at home when I get a chance.  I am strangely excited to see the drawings again, as I feel I am really on to something and want to continue working on them.

It was snowing quite hard last night at 2am as I went to bed and driving through Hovingham on the way to my studio this morning, the snow was still lying on the ground and the roads were slippy.  There was thick mist/fog and the way the sun was trying to break through was creating the most fantastic "thick" light effects across the fields, through the trees and in the valleys.  I was glad to see that the snow had disappeared where I live but am bracing myself for the bad weather; it makes getting about up here so much more difficult.

Alexander Johnson popped up today on my facebook feed; I first discovered him on fb a few months ago and have been keeping an interested eye on his work ever since.  His use of paint, colour, division of the surface and markmaking are, to my eye, very satisfying.  His silkscreen prints are very beautiful too.  I recommend anyone interested in the modernist tradition to take a look:

On the refurb front at home we are making some headway again; the floor sanding man is booked for this week, Lee the builder is sorting out the rainwater pipes and gutters, the below ground insulation and door cills will be finished, the existing bathroom will be plasterboarded and skimmed, doors re-hung and the new (temporary) ply floor on the landing space will be put in place ready for Christmas.  We are going to put the dining table up on the new landing, so we can enjoy the views and sunsets over Christmas, it avoids the problem of moving everything stored in the studio again.  Result!

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Saturday, 1 December 2012

'Tis the Season

To mildly panic!

However, thinking of my upcoming show, I have made myself feel a bit better by listing things achieved toward my solo show so far:
  • Taken some initial studio shots for discussion /planning with photographer.
  • Had some chats with Andy Dalton about the essay for my catalogue that will accompany the exhibition. (If I am successful with my ACE application).  Andy has come across a really interesting article that relates to my work and I am looking forward to reading it.
  • Had 2 initial quotes from printer for catalogue, same size, different number of pages.
  • Spoken to the designer about the publication, I need to arrange a meeting with him to set some dates so we are ready, should the ACE application come through.
  • Made some new small drawings, as part of the works that will be available for sale in a browser.
  • Planned the next stage of development for the prints I began 2 months ago.
  • Planned to set up a small space for working on small pieces at home during this month, which will be very busy getting the house straight for Christmas.  I shall snatch as many hours in the warm as I can.  I will also use this time to make some preparatory sketches for the new paintings I'll start in January.
  • organised the space for storing all the stuff I am going to retrieve from paid storage.  I can't wait to get at my art catalogues and books again, as well as my other plan chest and art equipment.
All in all, along with organising the house post builders, not a bad start really.  Tomorrow, I shall find the Christmas CD's!