Friday, 21 December 2012

Disappointment, and it's Christmas!

So, although I have had no notification from ACE, I have learned from Yvette, our Creative Economies Officer at Ryedale District Council, that my application for a Grants for the Arts has not been successful.  Yesterday, I was extremely upset; part of it due to the utter exhaustion of trying to sort the house out post-builders, in time for Christmas, but the rest just deep disappointment.

However, I will continue to make my work, have my solo show in April, (without, sadly, an accompanying catalogue) and carry on with my plans for next year but on a non existant budget!  I am beginning to bounce back, as Stef Mitchell said: it's the work that's important. 

So, watch this space, and my facebook page for more info and pics about my work and its development.

Happy Christmas to everyone who is interested enough to follow this blog.  I promise to provide great stuff in the coming weeks!


  1. Hi Sue - Sorry to hear about the funding situation. You mentioned your catalogue and I don't know if this is of any interest to you but have you thought of doing an 'e-catalogue'? I had to put together my portfolio using this company

    and it strikes me that it is an attractive, flexible and cheap way of presenting work for all sorts of situations - minimal cost and not too much effort - so you could send out a catalogue by email/Facebook etc. I have an ebook version and you can see it embedded on my Facebook page and blog. You can have paper versions printed as well but that would be quite expensive.

    Best wishes, Jill

  2. Thanks for that tip Jill: I had been thinking about doing something like that, so I'll definitely look into it once Christmas is out the way! Sue.