Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Away With Hepworth, Moore, Frost et al and up with Sally Taylor

It was remarkable that so few works were required in the gallery for our Herbert Read exhibion; the Hepworths and Moore sculptures and the Terry Frost and Creffield paintings in particular have such stature both physical and artistically, that very little else was required to make an exhibition of real impact.

I had a frantic day taking down the paintings by Dennis Creffield, Terry Frost, and Brian Kneele and packing them carefully back into their travelling crates. The small Henry Moore sculpture was safely nestled back into its crate and we were then ready for the handlers to come and pack away the much larger Hepworth sculpture.  I felt releived that we didn't have to handle it ourselves given its artistic significance and value.  Our tribute to Herbert Read over, we then looked forward to receiving Sally Taylor's drawings for the next show.

Safe and sound!

Andy Dalton the manager of The Gallery and I worked with Sally to hang her show, "All Say The Same" and it looks great.   The longest part of the process is always deciding where to hang the individual pieces within the gallery space.  Once these decisions have been made, usually after much pondering and swapping things around and sometimes back again, the actual hanging takes very little time at all.  The whole show was up in just over a day but it is a period of very hard work.

We were on tenterhooks to see if Sally would win the Jerwood Prize for Drawing as she was shortlisted for the third time.  Sadly she was not successful, but it is a tremendous accolade to be shortlisted.  Sally's professionalism made it an easy show to hang; it has an excellent accompanying catalogue with an essay by Vanessa Corby who is currently Senior Lecturer in the Theory, History and Practice of Fine Art at York St John University and an interview with Sally by Gavin Delahunty, Head of Exhibitions and Displays, Tate Liverpool.  The show runs at The Gallery, Ryedale Folk Museum, Hutton le Hole, North Yorkshire until after half term, October.

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