Thursday, 30 August 2012


Heavy Moon

I am an occasional insomniac.  Last night, with the paralympic opening ceremony on in the background, and then some random music on the radio, I rediscovered the "Paint" programme on my lap top.  Joy!  I used to love drawing with this years back, using the mouse.

I became really excited - playing with the different tools, line thicknesses and such.  It was an absorbing couple of hours and it's great that you can "undo" and "redo" stuff without causing any frustration or cock ups.

The quality of the lines, using the mouse as the drawing tool, with their wobblyness, are slightly juddery, this tentative and naive quality is something that I want to pursue.  I found myself making the drawings, thinking of them as if they were huge canvases and it was strangely liberating.  Maybe seeing the Fiona Rae the other day in Leeds was feeding in to my subconscious;  Cy twombly's work is never very far from my thoughts at the moment either.  I remember beginning some more abstract, stream of consciousness drawings a good few years ago and finding the process a bit pointless.  That was then, now I am finding this a useful way of exploring ideas for a new set of paintings and prints.

Putting my abstract thoughts down in a visual way, I was also thinking of music at the same time and asemic text; something I have been groping towards very slowly.  Robert Wyatt's album Cuckooland was very much in my head along with Stravinski's Rites of Spring and visual memories of landscape, particularly winter ones. 

No. 1
Can't Sleep
Secret Messages in the Snow
Notes on a Journey
Try to Stay Calm
Winter Stems

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