Thursday, 9 August 2012

A Good Day

It's been a very good day, despite a poor start with the discovery of a mouse in the house!

After a solid afternoon in the studio, I rushed home to change and we went on to Duckett and Jeffreys Gallery in Malton, for the private view of Dawn Brooks' show, "Sequence",  a series of prints that utilise drypoint etching, drawing and collagraph .  Certainly worth the rush; Dawn's work is wonderful, exploring mark making, some of them looking like script or automatic writing; Dawn dips into her subconscious when making the work.  There was a small print that utilised embossing combined with the inked etched marks that I thought was particularly sensitive. 

My favourite print is the piece that includes a grid and on talking to Dawn about it, she said it is the piece that gave her the most trouble to resolve.  I would find it interesting to visit her studio again, to watch her go through the process of making her work.  Some of the prints include carborundum too, adding to the richness of the texture. 

It is a good show, I recommend it and think all the artists in Ryedale should go and see it before it closes.

Pictures of the next stages of my current paintings:








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