Thursday, 16 August 2012

Irritable and Anxious

I am heartily sick of all this packing up and chaos at home, however I am trying to keep the end result in mind so that I don't unravel completely.

Should be in the studio today, but the builder may be on site and I need to discuss some things with him.  I am feeling very irritable because it is now 5 days since I was in the studio.  It is so hard to keep the thought processes going with constant interruptions, as the wonderful painter Charles Tyrell says,

"... if I'm not painting all the time I am living a lifestyle which allows me easy access back to where I was, and that's not an easy thing to do, to get back to the core of activity.  Any distraction at all - a night out or a weekend away - involves a huge loss of concentration"

Packing yet another box the other day, I found the little booklet from the Gandon Editions series about Charles, and, on re-reading it, was instantly uplifted.  He talks in his conversation with Brian Fallon about his practice, it's development and his attitude to being an artist and I felt such affinity!  This is obviously why I bought the tiny book in the first place.  I am holding it close at the moment to drink in the images and re-read the words of wisdom.


  1. Don't know Charles Tyrell, but I agree with him here - good luck with all the disruption - it will be over soon!

  2. Thanks Jennifer. I hope your work is progressing well?