Friday, 24 August 2012

A Quick Visit to the Studio

These two large paintings are probably finished, I'll have to store them on a roll before I decide later whether I should do any more work on them.

Covered up with plastic to protect them from dust.

So, off I went to the studio on Tuesday, to escape the building work for an hour or so, because my mirror plates were out there and I needed to get some painted white before I screwed them to my work in preparation for The Great North in Ripon.  I also had to cover up the two large paintings because my landlord was going to be doing some angle grinding outside the door on Thursday of this week, to try and sort out the problem I have been having with rain getting in and causing a big puddle, which has been soaking into the wall boards we installed.  I know from the building work going on at home, how dust can seep everywhere and I don't really want the paintings covered in a fine film of it.

The mirror plates drying on the floor; reminded me of geese flying across the sky!

It was lovely and peaceful; I could hear Sally Taylor working away upstairs while i rubbed the mirror plates with sandpaper and then painted them white.

Sally peered out from her upstairs window to see what I was up to and when I showed her I was painting mirror plates, she said she wished she was!   We all struggle. . . .

While I was waiting for the mirror plates to dry, I applied some more paint to the small canvas that I had left on the easel.  I had, during the last session, put on loads of paint in a sort of panic, which I then scraped off, leaving just traces.  It was onto this that I brushed a light grey.  Still not clear in my mind where these are heading, but I am enjoying the process.

I had to use the flash as the light levels dropped drastically, the paint was still very wet, hence the flare.

I scraped all the paint back leaving just a trace of what I had applied.

Applied a layer of light violet grey brushily and left alone for a while before I try and finish this and it's companion piece.

And then back to the building site at home, but it is exciting to see some progress being made at last, it will be great when all this structural work is done and we can open up the landing space to see our views from the floor to roof glass wall.

One of my new views from the newly opened up window in our bedroom.

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