Friday, 6 December 2013

Opening of RAW's first exhibition in York

Our first exhibition beyond Ryedale's boundary opened last night.  Sue Slack and David Stephenson were selected from the Ryedale ArtWorks Directory by the gallery owner Issy and her colleagues.  It is interesting that they selected Sue and David, not knowing they are partners!  Their art really does work well together.

Congratulations to Sue and David for pulling all the work together at what was really short notice, two weeks, if my memory serves me correctly.  It all looks good in what is a small and perfectly formed space. The hanging system is simple and effective and the lighting is excellent; not something you can say about many venues.

Priestleys really understand the importance of presentation too; the banners designed in collaboration between Rob Oldfield for Priestleys and Andy Dalton for RAW, work very well, signposting visitors from the outside of the shop right through to the downstairs space.  They look very good:

I think that this collaboration between RAW and The White Gallery @ Priestleys No. 36 is going to be a happy one.  And I bought the mirror; I know Pete will love its Art Nouveau influenced styling.

Sue and David finishing off the labelling, the mirror 's Art Nouveau styling (left) is enhanced by copper rivets, which I think really enhances the piece.

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