Saturday, 20 August 2011

Visual Ponderings

Not quite a drawing a day as C86 aka my good friend graphic artist Matt Lyon has been doing since the start of the year, but part of a record of my visual thinking of the last few weeks plus some paintings that are underway.

I started this year thinking that the theme for my work would be death; a response to the fact that I lost 4 of my best friends not long after I moved up to North Yorkshire 6 years ago. 
 I have since revised this and am now thinking about the cycle of life, the seasons and tree of life imagery.
I am gathering information in the form of sketches and colour studies from the local landscape, thinking about personal, symbolic colour and symbolism.  It is a very slow process that will eventually produce a series of paintings that will refer to the landscape as a metaphor for the human condition and journey. 

Stage 2 of some of the colour studies I have done for the 4 seasons

Stage 1 of sketch book work study for 4 seasons

All this is work in progress, the final series of paintings will develop from the studies I have made and will make, they will inevitable become less figurative as I endeavour to express the theme of life, death and the human condition. 

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