Tuesday, 16 August 2011

CIDA Course

Yesterday was the final of the 4 Monday afternoons I spent at Yorkshire Dance in Leeds, where Anamaria Wills was running a short course to enable us creatives to be more business like and aware of opportunities open to us all.

It has been an inspiring and enjoyable time, mixing with dancers, choreographers, photographers and visual artists, all of whom shared experiences and a strong sense of humour, making a great atmosphere in which to soak up all the information that Anamaria gave us.  

The handouts are now filed away so that I can find them to look at again when I need support and inspiration and I am now going to start being much more proactive in promoting myself as an artist and setting up my business properly. It is good to know that the CIDA team are contactable for advice in the future too.

The postcards I had printed by Moo were a good market research tool with the group and I am now planning to have more printed based on what I have learned and observed from how the group selected one from the pile.  Several group members have shown my cards to other people and the response to them has all been very positive, so who knows, an opportunity may arise from that simple act just like Anamaria kept telling us!

All in all, a really worthwhile 4 Monday afternoons, thanks to all at CIDA.

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