Saturday, 7 July 2012

Private View, Ryedale Open

The show was finally up and ready, final checks were made on labelling and straightening the works and we were comfortably on schedule for our dash home to rest, shower and change into our fabulosity for the private view.  The team had been discussing their outfits for this event all week, which I found slightly unnerving, not wanting to let the side down!

I have to say that although this week has been utterly exhausting it has also been incredibly interesting and rewarding; the team working with Yvette are totally committed to supporting her and the event.  It has been a pleasure and a priviledge to be part of it.

At seven o'clock, I opened the doors to find people queueing up outside!  The private view was really well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  It was fun to watch some of the artists, particularly the young ones trying to look noncholant as they searched to find their work, basking in the glow of praise from their friends and families.  Everyone agreed that the standard of work is very high and are proud of the diversity produced by the artists from Ryedale. 

Yvette Turnbull, Creative Economies Officer, Ryedale District council, (centre) and her team. 

Today, some visitors from York stated that they were amazed by the high quality of the work on display and seemed impressed by the artistic community of Ryedale and what it had achieved.  It has been wonderful interacting with the public who visited the show in their hundreds during this first full day of opening.  Sales are steady and donations have been dropping into the box at a pleasing rate.  Many thanks to the public and all the artists for making this show such a success.

Photographs with thanks to Peter Gough

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