Thursday, 5 July 2012

Ryedale Open

I have been working for the Ryedale Open all week.  The private view is tomorrow night and we are all utterly exhausted!  It has been a real pleasure working for Yvette Turnbull, Creative Economies Officer for Ryedale District Council and her team.  It is remarkable how Yvette's visual acuity has managed to make such a disparate body of work come together as a cohesive show.  I take my hat off to her!

I am pleased that the big drawing I am showing has drawn quite a few compliments already. Yvette has told me I am rubbish at receiving compliments quoting my response on one occasion, "thanks, but it's ok if you don't like it - it won't make any difference, I'll still carry on making the work."   I need to learn to accept compliments more gracefully in future!

I love the way Yvette has chosen to present the piece, on big chalky white industrial blocks and supported with chunky rope:

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