Sunday, 22 July 2012

Deer Shed Festival

Pete and I spent a happy weekend photographing activities at the Deer Shed Festival, Topcliff, near Thirsk.  I have never seen so many kids participating in activities with such concentration on their faces!  It was a real joy to take photographs of other people's children in such a happy place. They were making all sorts of things, from monsters in plasticene for short animations with the help of Teeside University lecturers and students, guitars from cardboard and collage, gingerbread houses, sock monsters, magic wands, totem poles and wigwams, percussion shakers, clay monsters, a huge dragon and an octopus.  As well as this, there were drumming workshops, a field of swing balls, football activities and more.

Plenty of good food and ale kept everyone happy until late.  There were some very bleary grown ups in the mornings!

Congratulations to the team who organise the event, which was a real success, particularly as the weather was dry and mostly sunny apart from Friday, when we arrived and pitched our tent in the rain.  The music was really too bland for our tastes, but it was a great weekend.

Ever optimistic, but as it turned out, sun hats were the order of the day!

Preparing for the punters

The briilliant Deer Shed Logo against a very gloomy sky. . .

Some of the first entrants on Friday

Fab stall holder

Busy busy busy

Making the dragon. . .

Saturday night

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