Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Drains, Mounting and Framing

The builders were on site again today, working on the drains, which are in a terrible state.  Once again there is mud everywhere and I was called on regularly for tea and to take photographs.  They need tea to keep warm, and the photographs are for our records, so we know where all the various pipes are.

So, what with all that going on, and my need to go out to the studio to collect my metal rules, it was pretty late in the afternoon by the time I got to work.

It was a pretty enjoyable task really, and I was grinning to myself, because the space I was using at home, (what was my studio; I managed to clear the top of the plan chest to work on), rapidly became littered with strips of paper trimmings, bits of tape and various art works.  It reminded me of Mounting Week: a very important week in the calendar in the art department where I worked for ten years before moving up here.  

I started with the lino prints, all artist proofs. These are pieces I made in the early part of my course at art college, I'd almost forgotten about them and was glad to uncover them the other day when I was searching for things that I thought Linda and Mark from my local pub might like.   

I floated them on the mount board and , as the frames I bought in Ikea yesterday were almost exactly the right size, they ended up looking pretty good:

I am so glad I chose the grey frames, they suit the prints much better than black would have done because some of the blacks in the print are "greyed" by the other colours on top or underneath.  The prints themselves are not square, so I had to line them up by eye as best I could.  I didn't want to window mount them to make them square, (anyway, there was not room for this with these frames), because I am very interested in the irregularities of the edges in my work.

My resident photographer took some good pics of these and I'll post them up as soon as he gets back from his travels and has had time to check the colour balance.

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