Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Snow and Some Preparations

I am so fed up with snow!  I went to the studio briefly today, the light was too low to take any photos of my drawings so I pottered about for a bit, looking at History Painting and deciding that yes, it is finished.  I made a list of paint I need to order in preparation for starting the four large ones I have planned and then I noticed the snow coming down.

Detail, History Painting

I loaded the car with my drawings and the small paintings that I might get framed, (I need to check my finances first) and headed for home; the track from the road down to the farm to my studio is very steep and it becomes difficult to get up it in the car if the snow gets too thick.

Back home, I did some more clearing of spaces and sorting of boxes in preparation for receiving all my stuff back from the storage company where my entire art library has been since we moved up here.  There are also some useful storage units and plan chests that will go out to my studio, but that will have to wait until after my show.

I am meeting my lovely eldest daughter Sarah for a long weekend in London on Friday and we have mapped out a brilliant itinerary:

  • Friday: arrive Kings Cross and head straight to Timothy Taylor gallery to see the new Fiona Rae paintings.  Food.
  • Saturday:  Royal Academy for Gainsborough Constable, Fortnum and Masons for tea then back to RA for Manet.  Meet Mike and Elaine for tea then on to pub by the river for meal in the evening.
  • Sunday: East End galleries and markets
  • Monday: home.  

Phew!  then it will be back to work in the studio and lots of admin for the show.

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