Sunday, 3 February 2013

Work and Play

After such a beautiful day yesterday, it was once again, overcast this morning and remained so for the whole day.  Sigh.  I seem to have so much more energy when the sun is out!  Never mind, I had things to do:

  • Select work for submitting to Ferens art gallery for the annual open  (click on the what's on link to find Ferens gallery)
  • Label the works and wrap them
  • Complete the entry form and write the cheque for entries
  • Deliver the work
  • Drive on to the Ropewalk gallery to see Alice Fox's exhibition, "Textures of Spurn".
Work was prepared and loaded into Pete's car and we set off for a rare jaunt out.  Actually, it was nice to have some time together, we've been a bit like ships that pass in the night this week because of various business and meeting commitments we both had.  I decided to submit two works because they are fairly large and I don't think I'd get three in if they are all big. The works had to be from previous series as the latest stuff is going into my solo show which overlaps with Ferens Open.

We found Ferens Art Gallery without too much trouble seeing as it was the first time we have ever been there.  I remember eons ago, when I was a kid, my family was in Hull briefly as a stop off to buy provisions for lunch on our marvelous camping adventure to Scotland.  It seemed huge and extremely busy to me then, but today the center was quiet.  Once the work was handed in, we didn't stop to look at the collection because we wanted to get to the Ropewalk.  The collection looked pretty interesting though so we'll have a good look when we go back to collect the work.

It was a day of firsts.  First visit to Ferens Gallery, first time across the Humber Bridge, first visit to the Ropewalk Gallery!

I am so glad we made the effort to get to Alice's show, it was interesting and beautiful.  The concept of observation, collecting objects from the environment, recording findings using words, drawings, paintings, the environment itself and textiles to produce some very beautiful and profound work really appeals to me.  

Alice was artist in residence at Spurn National Nature Reserve in East Yorkshire for six months last year, based at the Old Lighthouse.    
Alice's work has integrity, and honesty; it is completely lacking in artifice, which I find so wearing in many  lesser artists' work.  It was great to see it in real life after seeing pictures of it on her web site and I was not disappointed.  Congrats to her on a really good show and huzzah for me, because Pete bought me one of Alice's artists' books for my birthday!  I wish I'd had the cheek to take a photo of it. . . . And I can't wait for the day it is delivered to me!

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