Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Bit of Nostalgia:

My plan chests and mdf storage sections, along with my chest of drawers and other things, finally out of storage, and now stored in our unfinished extension!

Finally got all our stuff out of storage today.  I say our stuff; most of it is mine, and I needed to have access to the plan chests and books as well as all the mdf sections you can see propped up in the photos above - they are fabulous storage shelves.  Or they will be, once they are reassembled out at my studio.

Look what I have just found lurking in a drawer of a chest that I used to have out at my old studio in Basingstoke!

Some very bad colour quality photocopies of me, with my just completed work for my degree show.

Please note that they are in a school hall.  The wonderful head master Mr John Martin, of Castle Hill Junior School, Basingstoke, offered me the use of his hall when he heard that the so called art college I attended were not providing me with a space in which to make the work.  I had the Easter holidays to complete these paintings; I had planned 6, but think I did pretty well to produce 4, given the circumstances!

I remember, my husband Pete and I walked the completed paintings a few hundred yards down the hill one by one, and stored them in the spare bedroom of my beloved grandmother's flat until they were collected by the hire van and taken to the college for the degree show.  The things we do!  Good memories of making the work, not good memories of the college. . . . 

My extensive library of art books and catalogues is among this lot somewhere and I am looking forward to finding them all again!

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  1. Must feel lovely to have all your things around you again. Isn't it great finding photo's too - do you feel different now about those paintings?

  2. I'm looking forward to getting all the books up onto shelves again Jennifer. I am still proud of those paintings; I achieved what I set out to do at the time. They are dark, but I like the dark side of life! Unfortunately, one of them (the second best one), was blown over in the draft caused by a vandalised window at my old studio in Basingstoke and was ripped. I am going to remove it from the stretcher and do a new painting for the upcoming show!