Saturday, 23 February 2013

Ferens Entry, Visitors to the Studio and Some Old Work

So for any one interested, this is the work that I have in the Ferens Open Exhibition in Hull.  It is acrylic on paper.

This morning, I had an appointment with the landlady and chef from our local.  They are interested in having some more interesting art on the walls of their bar, restaurant and guest rooms.  I am pleased to say that they have selected a series of 12 paintings on paper and some lino prints I did a long time ago, which I have only just retrieved from storage.  The works will now have to be framed up in time for their launch on 2nd March, so a rush to Ikea for some frames is on the agenda!  They really liked the most recent work that I am preparing for the solo show at The Gallery, Ryedale Folk Museum at the end of March, but I had to tell them it wouldn't be available, probably for the rest of this year as I am planning to try and show it at at least one other gallery.  They said they hoped I'd sell it but that they would like it if I didn't.

The series of artist proofs, lino prints based on the road markings around Basingstoke that I did  at art college.

The paintings selected, with some old work in the background

The rest of the day was spent with my resident photographer, documenting all the recent work plus the old stuff.  He will go through all the images and adjust the colour balance when he returns from his travels.  I am lucky that photography is an interest of Pete's, it saves me a fortune and a lot of exasperation.

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