Sunday, 10 June 2012

Through Rain and Flood to Hear Ian Mitchell's Talk

The catalogue produced by Ian to accompany his exhibition, A1(M) Eastern Gateway, at The Gallery, Ryedale Folk Museum

I set off to Duckett and Jeffreys Gallery, Malton at around 2.30pm this afternoon just after a  torrential rainstorm.  It continued to rain quite heavily as I drove through huge puddles that met in the middle of the lane, causing a spectacular flume effect!  In Old Malton the road was flooded, causing traffic to back up and the top of the hill outside Malton, near the council offices was also badly flooded.  I kept going through it all, hoping the car wouldn't stop.

Ian Mitchell's talk at Duckett and Jeffreys gallery was due to start at about 3pm and I made it just in time, dodging the waves of water threatening to wash over my boots as I walked along the pavement.

It was well worth bothering to turn out for; Ian's talk was interesting and informative.  He gave an outline of his influences and working methods, clearly showing how his work has developed from a graphic designer's outlook to a much more fine art concern, where he is exploring concepts and experimenting with surfaces for the work.  His relaxed and natural attitude allowed for questions from the assembled audience and there was some good discussion that developed from this.  The slides that accompanied his talk were also really interesting. 

I am really looking forward to his talk at The Gallery, Ryedale Folk Museum, Hutton le Hole on Friday 15th June, 7pm.

Ian is going to continue to develop the ideas started this afternoon to give us additional insight into his work and show how the latest exhibition has evolved through his working practice.

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