Wednesday, 20 January 2016

AA2A project research

At the presentation I gave to students at the beginning of my placement, one of the students asked me if I would use fracking as my subject matter.  At the time, I said no, although it was a possibility.  I have since decided it is too rich a seam to ignore.  Excuse the pun!

I am only at the research stage in terms of content and deciding on how the art works will be made and look but I do know that the work will be presented in three dimensional form.

All four of we AA2A artists were required to present the work we have made so far in an interim exhibition in the walkway of part of the Fine Art complex at Teesside, which we put up this Tuesday 19th.  I have completed some prototype artists' books along with collecting lots of information, quotes and sketches linked to my thinking.

I decided to put it all up on the boards as a reconstruction of my studio wall during researching the project using tape, just as I do when working and gathering material.  I'm hoping it gives the students an insight into my working practice; it has certainly helped me to appraise where I am so far, to see some interesting connections and to make some decisions about the way forward with the experimentation and continued research.

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