Saturday, 28 May 2011

A brief visit last evening to Yorkshire Coast College in Scarborough, to see Steph Mitchell and Carmen Mills's degree shows in particular.  Unfortunately we missed seeing Steph; I think she was at the fashion show while we were looking around.  Steph seemed to have drawn the straw for worst space but she managed to show her work to advantage anyhow.  I particularly liked the small collaged painting she showed and her grid of dark blue paintings were interesting.  Carmen;s work is interesting, linked to geology, archaeology and real time responses.  Both artists seem to be developing in the right direction.

Other work we saw that we were particularly taken with was the fab crochet work by Diann Atkin; a really joyful response to what can at times be a misogynist society, and Jean Harlow's meticulous digital drawings and prints, although I was slightly alarmed that the presentation of the fascinating works presented in a block or grid looked a bit like a splash back for an Aga!   Congratulations to all the artists and best wishes for their futures.

I am not sure how long the show runs for, it is usually at least a week but a word of advice:  make sure your catalogue has the dates, times of opening and the venue address, as it helps people like us who are relatively new to the area to find the show!  We had fun, and I particularly enjoyed the Yorkshire Mixture sweets after which the show was named, very aptly, I thought. 

Tonight is the opening of Debbie Loane's show and we will be going over to Ryedale Folk Museum early to make final checks and take photo's before the public arrive.  We are hoping for a really good response.

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