Friday, 3 June 2011

DJ Selections

I have almost completed my submission for Duckett and Jeffreys Gallery touring show, which is going to tour the county during the summer in a 1960's caravan before finishing up at the gallery. Pete is going to take some better quality images than the ones I have put up here.  All I have to do is send off the email and keep my fingers crossed.   It has been interesting to work on such a small scale and within the discipline of a square format.  The size of each work is 120mm x 120mm, which will fit into a cd case.

                                              Counting Time No.5, Mixed Media

                                                  Counting Time No.6, Mixed Media

                                                Counting Time No.1, Mixed Media

                                                Counting Time No.2, Mixed Media

                                                 Counting Time No.3, Mixed Media

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