Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How Many: more thoughts on time and life

A thought occurred to me just before I fell asleep last night that I fortunately remembered this morning.  I need to keep a notebook by my bedside. 

How many breaths do we take in a lifetime?  And thus how many of anything significant to our selves/bodies constitutes a lifetime? 

graphite on cartridge paper

Repetition knits everything together . . .

graphite, compressed charcoal, acrylic paint and oil pastel

. . . just started a new drawing/painting on paper; I am really excited about this series of work, I am letting it go where it leads me at the moment, trying out several ideas and approaches.  Keep waking up with ideas to try out.  I love the ebb and flow of it, sometimes first layers need to be obliterated mostly with only traces allowed to show, and then worked on again to build up an interesting surface, keeping in mind what I want to express.

another layer of acrylic paint drawn on top of the previous one

all images copyright of the artist

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