Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Studio Refurbishments Continue

Chinese Sketchbook: drawings completed in March. . .

With Easter out of the way I am afraid I then fell into an exhausted decline for two days during which I mostly slept.  It did me good though; I now feel fine again and ready to get on with preparing the studio, I am anxious to complete this work because I really need to continue with my drawing and painting in peace.  I have made a few drawings in a Chinese sketchbook given to me by my son.

Pete and I went over to the studio last weekend and began work on the partition wall.  We managed to get most of the plastic up over the horizontal and gappy boards but had to call a halt before we finished the job because there are two holes that look like they may have been made by rodents, so they need to be boarded up.  We made a comprehensive list of  materials and tools we need for the next visit and went home.

I wish it was finished!  Pete, who helps.

With the building work going on at home, we are now the proud owners of an account with a local builders merchant, which means I will be able to order all the sheet boards we need for the studio and take advantage of the discount available, makes me feel very grown up!  Judging by the stress I am feeling today after having some serious discussion with consultant heating engineers, architects and workmen, I am going to need the studio in Stonegrave to escape to.