Sunday, 12 May 2013

I Forgot to Show This!

I forgot to mention some weeks back, when my sister and her partner Gary came up to see my exhibition, that Gary, who makes doll's houses and fits out kitchens, Volkswagen camper vans and all sorts of other clever things, made me a wooden relief:

Wooden relief, by Gary White, Llandysul, Wales

It's made with his brand new super clever machine thingy (apparently called a CNC machine), that will carve all sorts of designs and he made it for me!  I love it, it's made from tulip wood, which is a bit soft, hence the slightly fluffy edges.  Gary said it's a first try and he's going to make me one from hard wood to replace this one, but I will always treasure this.  Thanks Gary and Julie, for coming up - why didn't we take any photos of your visit????  We were too busy talking and eating cake!

A couple of nights ago I had my 7000th view on this blog!  I am ridiculously pleased at this figure: I was aiming at a thousand hits by June, to double my hits from a thousand for the whole of last year so I am on target!

All I need now is to get going and approach some more galleries to get my work seen by more people.  I'm not so good at this bit, so watch this space. . . 

Two Farewells, far right, sold.  I thought I had taken studio shots of all my drawings and it turns out we didn't - another job to do!

I have sold the drawing, Two Farewells to a friend, who is really excited to own it, which really touched me.  She has generously promised that I can go and see it and that I can borrow it back if I have any exhibitions in the future.  

Winter, packed up, ready for collection.

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