Monday, 9 June 2014

NYOS 14: the first weekend

After all my stressing, I actually enjoyed the first weekend of open studios enormously.  Despite the awful weather on Saturday, 25 people came to see me and were very complimentary about my work. It is lovely to chat to people who are interested to know how I make the paintings and drawings, how I arrive at my subject matter and who are incredibly insightful themselves when talking about the work.

On Sunday, 22 people arrived, making the most of a lovely day, all of them interested in the my drawings and paintings. On both days, people were pleased to take one of my home made promotional packs that contain a brief CV, a couple of postcards and a business card with an original drawing on one side.  I figured that it being my first experience of open studios, the least I could do to people who came to see me was to give them something in return.

Along with the work on show, visitors really seemed to enjoy being in my studio and were interested to hear how I had transformed it from a bare garage, part of a barn, into the space it is today.

Paintings are slightly distorted in this shot because of the wide angle lens!

Although I only made two small sales this weekend, it has been a really positive experience and many more people now know about me and my work than before.  I am looking forward to next weekend.

Two of my favourite visitors were Beatrice Holmes and her sister, who if my memory serves me correctly, is called Eleanor, daughters of Joss.   They asked me some incredibly searching questions and were genuinely fascinated about the work.  I have since learned that Joss had been interested to see how the girls coped with "abstract" art and was amazed at their response to it.  Apparently, when they arrived home they got out their crayons and proceeded to make some abstract art of their own.  I am impressed with them both and pleased to have been part of their learning experience for a short while.  Thank you for coming girls!

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