Thursday, 22 March 2012

Same Painting, a Day Later. . .

Winter (it's the same the world over)

It's not there yet, but I am beginning to work out how to bring the colours and marks of the seasons together with the tally marks, it is an interesting problem to solve.  Paint moves across the surface in a different way to a stick medium; it will not make a continuous mark and you have to constantly reload the brush.  I have had some thoughts about this and while the differences are part of what will make the work interesting, I think, I may experiment with a loaded bottle with a nozzle, to draw with the paint in a more continuous way to see how it works and looks.

Details of this work below:

I take detail photographs both as a way of showing the surface of the paintings but also to select areas of a work that might become another piece of work in its own right.  The challenge of scaling up the marks by using bigger brushes, larger quantities of paint and using the body more energetically to produce bigger gestures is something I have always found exciting.

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