Thursday, 22 March 2012

New Developments

Early stages, gesso on canvas, strips of chinese newspaper, charcoal

Work continues in the studio, I am developing the drawings and paintings slowly, trying to keep in mind the theme of time passing using references to seasonal changes and a simple tally mark to signify this and to build up an interesting surface.  It is work that continues to absorb me so I know that I am on the right track; only when I get really bored does it mean that the work is meaningless and therefore not very interesting.  Some collage material from China has crept in; the calligraphy captivated me, I don't care that I cannot read it because it is just visually beautiful.

Another early stage, tally marks, chinese ink

The garden needs some attention now, before the weeds take over.  Until the paths are laid and the grass is sown, this is a constant problem especially since I have so little time to spend on it.  The newly planted hedging seems to be happy though; it is bursting into leaf, I am looking forward to seeing it grow into a wildlife haven.

We have builders on site again making life even more busy and interesting! 

The back lean to, being demolished.  We are saving the doors and windows as I have plans to build a wondrous summer house that will be part sculpture, part dwelling and part wildlife haven. . . .

My studio at home will be needed for storing furniture and stuff whilst the work goes on and I have found a studio at Stonegrave which is about 20 mins away to use until the building work is finished. It is dry and the light is pretty good.  Sally Taylor has a space there so it will be interesting to talk to her sometimes.  I start moving in on 28th of this month and am thinking about what I need to pack up and what I can leave at home. 

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