Thursday, 6 June 2013

Isn't Glasgow Brilliant?

Poor old Wellington, with a traffic cone on his head, outside the Gallery of Modern Art.

Thanks to Chris Thomas for taking a day to show me round some galleries in Glasgow last weekend, and good luck with your assessment!

I taught Chris in one of my adult ed. classes some years ago; he went on to do a degree first class hons. and is now studying at Glasgow School of Art, printmaking.  His work is really interesting; highly conceptual and at the same time really visually interesting.  Check out his web site:  although his latest prints, utilising photography and the use of Excel programming to plot colour, are not on there yet.

We went to lots of galleries over the weekend and, apart from the Hunterian, on the Glasgow University campus, where we saw some of the Scottish colourists and many Whistlers, painting was pretty much conspicuous by its absence.  All the more reason for us painters to crack on!

Here's a taster of Glasgow, a fabulously vibrant city:

The new painting studios for GSOA, under construction, they will be fab!  There's 3 light pipes, feeding natural light into the studio spaces.

Cornelia Parker has nothing on me!

To see more of the photos I took while in Glasgow, go to my facebook page:

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