Sunday, 23 June 2013

Farewell Lanzarote and a visit to PASH, Easingwold

Lanzarote is not a place I would choose to visit, but it has some redeeming visual sources that I have collected over the years and which are likely to turn up in paintings in the future, now that I am making work regularly again!

Just to prove the fact that the sky is not always blue and the sun not always shining in Lanzarote!

I returned in the early hours of Friday morning from four days of hard work, clearing my mother in law's villa in Lanzarote and bringing her home to the UK, where she can be properly cared for now she is frail.  I am still feeling very tired from the ordeal, so it was really great to escape this afternoon.

I drove over to Easingwold, to PASH,  where Andy Dalton was running a printmaking workshop using his old mangle.  I printed a hare from one of his small relief vinyl cut outs.  It is interesting that Andy has developed a series of these cut outs from ordinary household flooring vinyl, which, depending on how you ink them up, create images of varied richness and texture.  His introduction of gold leaf into the mix of drawing and print is bringing another dimension to this series of works.  Take a look on his web site:

After the stress of last week, it was good to engage with my world again!  It was nice to meet Shelley and Paula, who run PASH from a wonderful old warehouse building; we at Ryedale ArtWorks dream of having such a building for communal workspaces and gallery facilities!

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