Sunday, 5 January 2014

Lists for sanity

Happy new year!

Phew!  The last of our beloved family have departed after a wonderful gathering; there were nine of us by new year's eve.

Now it really is time to settle down to work.  To stem the rising panic that always threatens to engulf me when I know there are various deadlines looming that I do not want to miss I make lists.  I call them my "Lists for sanity", because they really do help me to stay calm and keep everything in perspective.

With everything so chaotic just before Christmas due to builders still being on site, I did not have time to do any work and as a consequence, I now have some work to make quite quickly for exhibitions.  So this month's list looks like this:

  • PV for first leg of tour, Sketch 13 is this coming Friday in Frome, Somerset.  I have already contacted my sister who lives nearby to arrange a visit.
  • International Postcard Show, Surface Gallery, Nottingham.  Deadline for arrival of submissions: 6pm, Friday 10th January 2014.  I have at least started these but there's not much time to finish them!
  • Sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project must be in the post by 15th January at the latest to qualify for the tour.   I have not even started this yet, so it's going to be a bit of a challenge to complete in time although I do have ideas that have been swimming around in my head for months.
  • Submission to Ferens Open takes place between 13 and 28 January.  I am still considering this, trying to decide what to submit if I decide to enter again this year.
  • w0budong: 10th – 16th March 2014 Three Piccadilly Place, Manchester M1.  I need to plan the delivery of my large painting for this exhibition.

All this, in between a visit to Frome on Friday and to London to see the Klee exhibition among others at the end of the month, will keep me pretty well occupied.  I think that making some work quite quickly might be a good experience though; I can tend to take too long on pieces some times and it will be interesting to see how the postcards and the sketchbook work out.  I will post some photos as soon as I have something to show.

You may be interested to know that the w0budung web site (link above), has a discussion page, which I have not contributed to yet but I plan to.  There is also a Pinterest page with relating imagery that we have begun to compile:

There is also work to do for Ryedale ArtWorks. . . . .

Happy January, at least we are not snowed in like last year!

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