Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Quick studies ready for posting

I can't for the life of me remember what I entitled these; I forgot to photocopy the application form for my records but it was something to do with ideas about stitching the fabric of life together.  

I made it to the studio on Monday.  It was not too cold although the doors were very difficult to lock at the end of the session because they had swollen up so much with all the rain we have had.  The trusty Calor kept me from freezing and I managed to complete the 3 postcards for the Surface Gallery's International Postcard Show and made a good start on the book for The Sketchbook Project, which I have since finished at home due to yet more workmen being on site.  All in all a pretty good week so far.

The reason I have frantically finished the book is that I knew I would not have much time after today because I have decided to drive down South to go to the PV for the Frome leg of the tour for SKETCH, in which I have a book.  I am interested to see how the works are displayed in a different venue and to meet some new people.

Below are some pages from the book, I am interested in how working quickly has thrown images and ideas together again and I will pursue some of these further during the year.  It will be absorbing to work with the symbols and marks, to find out if they can all be incorporated into single pieces of new work, or whether they will in fact work better kept apart but presented together as a body of work.  Hmmmmm.

Apologies for the variety of tinged backgrounds to these photos; I took them at different times of the day, some with natural light, some with daylight bulb lighting.  I have not yet learned how to adjust my photos on photoshop using the CMY balance.  It is something I intend to rectify this year!

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