Thursday, 16 October 2014

"A quiet presence"

"Your drawings have a quiet presence; I keep having to come back to look at them again; thank you."

Fading, mixed media drawing

Detail, Fading

"I saw some work a bit like this at the Royal Academy this summer, but yours are much better, you should enter."

"Wow - amazing; I'm just going to get my friends to see this, back in a minute!"  
(On turning the corner and confronting my work for the first time).

Heart drawing #1

Just some of the lovely comments about my drawings that I received over last weekend in London at Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair 2014, Part 2.  I would like to thank everyone who came to see the work.

I did not make any sales, although I came very close with my large drawing Fading and Heart drawing #1; buying pieces of art is a major investment for people and requires time to contemplate and consider - maybe more time than a weekend affords.  I might yet hear from the interested persons. . . .

My hand made business cards went down a storm; people really loved them, selecting their favourite from the stash and very excited when I told them they could take a few.  One lovely lady carefully selected some to put in a frame.

Overall, the fair was worth doing, it was very well organised and the spaces were well lit and laid out. There was a steady stream of people throughout both days and the PV on Friday evening was well attended.  You never know who may contact you after the event with a view to purchasing something, so fingers crossed!  I am pleased with the response to my work; I have always aimed to have it stop people from just passing by and be drawn in for a closer look and I certainly achieved that.

The other exhibitors were nice: I had some lovely chats with Claire Gill, who had the space next to mine.  Claire's work, with photo montage of mostly beach scenes plays with scale, perspective, shape and pattern to create wonderfully vibrant and interesting pictures. I am sure we will stay in touch with each other.

Special thanks must go to my daughter Sarah and son Mike for their support and help throughout the weekend.  Sarah was my brilliant PA and technical support for hanging the show and Mike was courier, taking the work from the venue across London to his home when it was all over so I could spend time with his wife and baby boy, now three months old! Thank you also to Candid Arts, for inviting me to submit work for the show and for their helpful responses to my questions before I arrived in Islington. 

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