Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Planning for 2015

I received an email on 22nd December welcoming me to NYOS 15 and I am very pleased to be accepted for the second year running.  It was a welcome bit of good news in the frantic run up to the festivities.

I am pleased that Jenny Pepper,  http://www.jennypepper.com  a felt maker who has a studio on the same farm out at Stonegrave has also been accepted.  It will be a doubly worth while visit for people on the studio trail in June.

For those wanting to put this popular event in their diaries, Open Studios is held on the weekends of:
June 6th and 7th, and June 13th and 14th

Meanwhile, I have some postcards to produce for the looming deadline for the International Postcard Show at Surface Gallery in Nottingham, I have never yet made it down to see the show, but I like the idea of an international exchange of art works.

I will be in the studio solidly for the next few weeks, working on my ballot box project for the Democracy Rocks upcoming show in March/April, (dates tbc).
I have lots of thoughts and ideas floating around in my head but it is time to get on with working with actual materials, to develop, refine and select the format and processes that will make these ideas real.  I am slightly worried that I need to get something ready for early February for photography purposes, but I seem to thrive when I put myself in a tight deadline position!

I am planning to actually get my aritsts' books underway this year too, as well as making the final two large paintings of the quartet I started for my solo show in 2013.  There will be lots more paintings based on sketches and doodles I made last year as well.

Oh, and I am going to finish the books I started reading last year and do lots of walking, starting with short ones to begin with. . . . 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, please feel free to leave a comment.

Happy new year!

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