Thursday, 4 December 2014

Great work being done to fight fracking

There are so many organisations working hard to spread the word about the dangers of fracking and helping to fight our government over this issue.  Green Peace and Friends of the Earth do so much to rally people, raise funds etc.

This link from FOE popped up on my facebook page this morning, it mentions Ryedale, and is well worth a read:

Along with the work being done by these excellent organisations, ordinary people are gathering their strength and doing remarkable things.  Frack Free groups have been formed all over the country; web sites, twitter sites, facebook sites have all been set up to give people somewhere to gather information from, enable them to make contact and join the struggle against the devastation of our countryside.

I received this brilliant poster today, please feel free to copy it and print it off, spread it all over where you live!  

I will not be voting for anyone that condones or supports hydraulic fracturing in any way! Where is this subject even mentioned in the manifestos of our political parties?  I want to hear this being discussed as an election issue on the BBC too!  

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