Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Developments and Stuff

After a few days away in Whitby for a well deserved break to celebrate Pete's birthday it was back to frantic hard work.  

I had a couple of artists over to try and convince them that Facebook and social networking is worth making part of our artistic practice.  I showed them what I do, extolled the use of blogging as a way of making contact with other artists; we ate lunch and shared cake.  I think it was worthwhile - I have yet to check out their fb pages!

I am trying to complete the painting of exterior door and window frames at our house, plus I had an important Ryedale ArtWorks meeting out at my studio to prepare for, and again for Ryedale ArtWorks, we are working very hard to put in place the mentoring programme, plus planning for our showcase, out of district exhibition has begun.  See my blog on Artists Talking for more details:

Which all means of course, that I have not had any real time out at the studio to develop my work.  However it will come. . . 

I spent a couple of days out at the studio, preparing for the meeting, putting some work up for the first time since my major overhaul and reorganisation:

Most of my work is stored on racks at home, so I had to lug some back to the studio; of course this means I now need to re-wrap it all and bring it back home!

It was worth it though as the meeting was a great success.  

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