Friday, 23 August 2013

A Sudden Flurry of Admin. Work

Drawing, How Many Wondrous Days, seems apt for this post today!

Having been informed I had been selected to appear as a featured artist on a web site some months ago, I excitedly emailed off all the information they asked of me.  I was a bit disappointed not to hear anything for what is, I think, a couple of months but it is not in my nature to hassle people unduly, so I didn't email and enquire if all was well.  I just philosophically assumed that perhaps, after seeing the work, they thought it was not for them!  (Artists' low self confidence kicking in, you note).

Imagine my delight yesterday morning, when I received an email from them apologising for the delay and asking for some more info., with links to the proof pages as they appear so far for me to look at!  The pages are looking good; only a couple of minor mistakes and I am very much looking forward to having them go live.  Once they do, I will post details so you can see for yourselves.

Meanwhile I have also spent considerable hours filling out an application to be considered for an entry in Chrysalis Arts' Directory.  

Chrysalis Arts' Rick Faulkner came over last Wednesday evening to the Dutch House  to give Ryedale ArtWorks  a presentation about the work they do.  I have to admit that I had previously been very confused about all the different aspects of their work but now feel I understand the organisation much better.  I am pondering on some ideas that they might be able to help me with. . .

The next application I am going to make (and I have been prevaricating on this one for over eighteen months or longer), is to AXIS.  This is to me, a very important step; serious artists are here; the site gives artists access to wider recognition and I consider it time for me to join their ranks.  I know I don't have as much experience as many of those represented on this site but I know my work is good enough now, particularly since I was accepted for SKETCH 13.  It is remarkable how a little success boosts my confidence and sense of myself as an artist.

Gouache study, no longer extant, because it got painted over, but which I still refer to with thoughts for a large painting. . . .

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