Friday, 9 August 2013


My purposely trashed studio, with everything from the open shelves or beneath my trestles now on the floor!

I've been wittering on about getting the studio organised so that I can find things instead of endlessly walking up and down looking for them, wasting precious time, for a while now.

The guys came out to the studio the other evening to assess what extra materials I need in order to get the job done.  I am really excited, because the job won't take them too long to complete (it would have taken me and my not so willing assistant ages), and it is not going to cost me too much - I'll have quite a sum of my precious earnings from the Ryedale Open left!  Work starts out at the studio on Sunday morning, they don't think it will take them long; I hope not, because I am going out to Stef and Ian Mitchell's (Duckett and Jeffreys), in the afternoon to the Andrew Tyzack talk about mezzotint and to see their print show.

I will soon be the proud owner of 4 units, each about 1m wide, on casters so that they can be moved about easily, each with shelving for storage and worktop.  Is it wrong to be excited about storage units?   I have been going to bed planning in my head where to put things, the best use of the space etc.  Sad.  But not, because it will make such a difference to how I can use the space!  And I will be able to put my huge pin board up on the wall above where the units will be, which will hide the stone wall, making it even lighter!

After discussing my requirements with one of the sales team at Castors Online,( , I ordered medium strength ones with the front two of each unit having locks to keep them from shifting while I work.  The order was with me within 24 hours of placing it and I can heartily recommend this company.

I am really looking forward to getting everything put away and starting my new print work and artists books.  Feeling strangely gleeful and excited at the prospect.  

Clearing the wall space, in preparation to receive the new storage units.

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