Monday, 21 July 2014

Malware problems

I have been extremely frustrated by the intrusion of advertising icons appearing within the written content of this blog of late; I followed the advised procedures for removing them several times but after each attempt the awful advertising icons and highlighting of certain words within my text would reappear.  

Added to this, my computer was beginning to be swamped by advertising pop ups to such an extent that at times I could not actually see my screen to write!  After consulting a few clever people within my family and searching on line for information about my symptoms, I realised I had fallen prey to the dreaded Malware bug or bugs.

So, to any people reading this, who have given up trying to read previous entries because of this problem, (it really does interrupt the flow of the text when trying to read to have ads popping up all over the place), I apologize.  

I am very happy to report that, with the installation of anti-malware software on my machine, the problem is now solved.  There were over 600 malware items removed and another 300+ other unwanted items, all of which were preventing the machine running properly.  

The content of my blogs are now advertising free once again and it is possible to read without unwanted interruption.  It may be that in the future, I might want to include advertising on this site, but I'd like to be able to choose which ones, and where it is placed.  

The malware bug is really quite intrusive and if left, so I am informed, can actually cause damage to any machine it has corrupted, so if any one else has these ads popping up within the body of their blog writing, it would be very sensible to do something about it immediately.  I am extremely relieved to have this problem sorted.

Happy reading!

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