Thursday, 17 November 2011

Time and Process Part Two

I have, I think, finally completed the 12 paintings on paper which comprise my experiment with time, theme and process.  It has been an absorbing and at times frustrating experience.  I am interested in repetition as part of the process of making a two dimensional piece of work but at times I questioned my decision to use this method because I had so many interruptions that it was quite difficult to keep going the thought processes required to make the work.  It has been the usual struggle with the balance within the composition, the colour choices, colour overlays, what to leave, where to work up to an edge, where to go over one, whether to allow gestural marks to dominate and how to refer to landscape and the seasons without being sentimental or too figurative.

This is the first time I have produced a series of paintings using this process of repetition and as an experiment it has been worth while as a way back in to making work in series.  It remains to be seen if I continue with it or whether I use the experience to make other individual paintings that continue with the theme of The Four Seasons, the cycle of life and tree of life.



January - August

(The images that complete the series are on the next blog.)

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