Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Time and Process

The summer months flew by; I hardly ever seem to notice it until it has gone.  Autumn is my favourite season I think; all that decay, wild contrasts of weather and light and coming darkness suits me.  I am beginning to work on ideas for time based work that explores the seasons, and the cycle of life and death:

Stage 1, January

Stage 2, February

Stage 3, March

Stage 4, April

Stage 5, May

Stage 6, June

First 6 stages

This process fascinates me; each painting is the same but different, with each successive one having one or more layers added to it.  I have 6 more in this series to complete and I intend to continue with this method and process; as I begin to loosen up, the work will become more expressive and less self conscious.  I am gradually beginning to get back in to a working routine after such a long lay off.

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