Thursday, 4 April 2013

Marking Time Workshop

The work station, complete with drawing media, examples of mark making by other artists, hand wipes and chocolate!

There were not that many people about, but we had fun!  Jim Moir, aka, Vic Reeves was in the gallery briefly; I was talking to a lovely lady at the time so did not have a chance to say hello or ask him to sign the visitor book.  Never mind, he probably didn't want to be bothered anyway.  It would have been interesting to hear what he thought of the show though, particularly as he paints and exhibits his work as well.

These lovely people were engrossed!

People have been genuinely interested in my work and all the ideas I have incorporated; it has been rewarding chatting to them.  There are some lovely comments in the book so far, (not all of them by my family!)

Interestingly, none of the adults wanted to participate, and no one was interested in drawing onto the canvas; in the end I collaged the work left behind onto it and carefully worked over and around the pieces to produce a piece of work to reflect the day.  I would quite like to paint into it, but it isn't mine - it is hanging in the education room at the museum for now.

Lovely marks, on the floor, before I washed it!

To see the complete set of photos that I took during the workshop go to:

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