Monday, 1 April 2013

Recent Activity

General view of my show at The Gallery, Ryedale Folk Museum, this shot has had 653 views on my facebook page, which I find staggering!
  • Saturday: visited Gallery beyond. . . at the North York Moors visitor centre to see the latest show, From What Has Been,  where I met Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller a print maker whose work, with it's urban imagery combined with the natural forms of trees, water and foliage is very interesting.  Azad Muhammed's sculptural installation, consisting of uprooted tree roots, a metaphor for his own rootless existence is striking and very moving.  Nicola Taylor's photographs are fantastical and gothic.  
  • Sunday: visited the studio and tiny corridor gallery of Moira de Lavenu in Pickering where we had a lovely chat and a good look at Moira's drawings and painted studies.  I particularly like her small tree studies that she has been developing recently.  I then met my family in the Ashfield Country Manor Hotel, where they had gone to see my work that's on the walls there, we had a drink and played some card games before going home.  Preparing a late dinner, I managed to stab my own hand with a newly sharpened knife!  There's no A&E open in our area outside office hours any more so I will get it looked at on Tuesday.
  • Monday: nursed my hand, read my new books on painting, which I was lucky to be given for my recent birthday.  I chose them as I have been a bit out of touch with developments in painting for many reasons since I moved to North Yorkshire seven and a half years ago: 
Vitamin P: New Perspectives in Painting, Phaidon

Vitamin P2: New Perspectives in Painting, Phaidon

Both books are very interesting, featuring artists' work and brief biographies and info.  They contain more illustrations than writing, which to my mind, for books about a visual subject, is the right ratio.  The work featured is really varied, which strengthens my resolve to keep to my own path.

  • Plan for Tuesday: get my hand looked at.  Purchase remaining things I need for teaching the workshop on Wednesday and do final prep.
  • Weds: deliver the workshop, which I am looking forward to.  It will be a drop in format so will include participants of all ages and abilities.  We are going to explore mark making, pattern and surface in relation to my work in the exhibition.
Still to decide what to do with the rest of the week, but it will involve some walks with my husband and some planning for reorganising the studio and house.

After that I have 2 new canvases to paint as companions to the ones in the exhibition.  Once these are completed I have plans to make some artists' books, some prints and drawings as well as some new ideas for paintings, so the rest of the year will be very busy with all that as well as searching for new and appropriate galleries to show my work in.

Thanks to everyone who has looked at my facebook page and sent me good wishes for the show, I hope that many of you will come to the "Meet the Artist" on April 10th, 4 pm - 7.30 followed by the pub!  I promise a small free gift, wine and cake. . . .

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