Friday, 29 March 2013

The Show Opens

I was up early this morning in order to get to the gallery to finish painting out the mirror plates and put the labels on the walls.  Once this was done, I whizzed back home to have something to eat with everyone, pick up the postcards and back to the gallery.

Everything looks really good and I am pleased with the whole exhibition.  Thank you so much to Andy Dalton for your help with the hang and for your encouragement while I was making the work.

2 out of 3 of our kids came to see the show this afternoon; the third was stuck on the M62 for more than four hours, so we'll go again tomorrow so she can see it too.  

Also off to Inspired at the Moors National Parks Center, Danby tomorrow for the opening of their show: From What Has Been.  So it will be a busy day looking at art again.

Thanks to Chris Thomas and his wife Pauline for dropping by today, I am just so glad I was there to see you both!  Chris was a student of mine when I was teaching Art and Design Adult Education at Queen Mary's College, Basingstoke; he found me on facebook a while back and got in touch.  Chris is currently studying for his MA in Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art and I am looking forward to meeting with him up there so he can show me round the galleries.

There are some nice messages in the gallery book and many people have wished me luck on facebook too, especially fellow members of Ryedale ArtWorks; thank you to everyone for that!  I am stunned that my post on fb with one picture of the show has had 327 hits already.


  1. Oh Sue the exhibition looks stunning. I will definitely be going up to see it. I bet you feel exhausted now, but all worth it x

  2. Thank you so much Bridget, I hope you can make it on April 10th. If not, let me know when you plan to go and I'll be happy to meet you there if I can.